DJ Sies Music Productions

Producing Songs & Making Re-Mixes

Dj Sies

When i heard for the first time radio stad Den Haag (Holland) back in the 80s
I fell in love with the style of music they where playing.
So i recorded almost everyday from the radio to a cassette tape.
And then go to the record store to by those songs on vinyl
After hearing Ben Liebrand in 1982 program name in the mix
What he can i want to learn that to
So in bought 2 recordplayers and a mixer. (tape recorder came later)
Now its a home studio.
So i practise every day and night to learn that style of mixing.
And also trying to make some edits.
In 1984 Ben Liebrand came with grand mix with new style so dicided to give a try.
And tapeloop was born.
You can say that i learn a lot from the master Ben Liebrand.
So i make my first mix that almost sounds the same as ben liebrand mix did.
Slowly i got requested if I want to make remixes.
So i did and the equipment grows  and grows.
I made and still make remixes of my own productions.
In 1983 i became a dj in the clubs.
The first few years in Holland then over the borders.
Germany Luxembourg and Belgium..
Later we make the song Freaky Funky Feeling.
When a producer heard the song, he wants to bring it out on the market.
So we went to the studio called studio europa in Belguim.
And we remixed the song again ant it was pressed.
My other nicknames are; Mastermind Sies and Groove Control those
Where the names that are used in the 80s and 90s.
Now i go by the name DJ Sies.
In 2004 i began to make one hour mixes for radio e-fm a small station in eindhoven (holland)
The mixes then where called The Rosimix 
It was great to mix those songs from the 80s those that never heard anymore.
After e-fm came radio decibel and after that it was no stopping for us anymore
Now i have 40 radio stations and still growing.
2014, still making mixes for different radio stations all over the world.
and so also the producing and remixing are still going strong.